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For years, the ability to manage your cattle has been limited by the ear tags used to identify these cattle. While using blank tags and marking pens offer maximum flexibility in numbering cattle, ink fades over time and makes it hard to read tags in the pasture. The pre-numbered tags at the local supply stores are laser-engraved for long-term readability but lack the flexibility needed for many cattle identification systems.

There is a better way... The Cattle Tags Store is pleased to offer Allflex brand custom ear tags that are laser-engraved and inked with the numbers and management codes you specify. Simply choose a layout and specify your tag numbers. Your tags will ship right to your door. Browse Tags


Cattle traceability is becoming a more common practice in the cattle industry, as a number of states have implemented a mandatory ID system. Most of these states are requiring an official form of identification, such as a USDA / official tag. USDA are recognizable by the USDA shield and an 840-prefixed number printed tags. Rest assured though, USDA tags are manufactured using the same technology as the tags you have been buying for years. More info

Cattle Software

CattleMax is EID-compatible cattle management software for managing beef cattle herds. More info

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TagMax is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that enables you to scan RFID tags with Allflex EID readers. Sessions mode allows you to scan tags, enter additional information, and email the results. CattleMax mode allows for real-time lookup of an animal's record when a tag is scanned. More info

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