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Allflex Visual Ear Tags

Custom cattle tags to identify your herd, your way.

  • Specify your own management codes / numbers
  • Wide range of colors and layout options
  • Available in one-piece and two-piece options
Visual Tags

Allflex Electronic Tags

Increase working efficiences with electronic cattle tags.

  • Available in bags of various quantities
  • Add a visual tag to make a matched pair set
  • Add an EID Reader for quick cattle processing
Electronic Tags

Allflex Tissue Sampling

Collect tissue samples effectively & efficiently for parentage verification, genetic selection and VBD diagnostics.

Allflex TSU

Allflex Syringes

Administer medications safely, accurately, and effectively in a wide range of dosages from .5ml to 70ml with Allflex syringes.


Data Management

Organize your records, manage your herd, and improve decision making with data management solutions.

Data Management

We tag our cattle with the products we sell.

The CattleTags.com team uses Allflex animal identification products in our own herd. We have the expertise to give you recommendations to help accomplish your animal identification goals.

Meet our Animal ID Experts

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Cattle traceability is becoming a more common practice in the cattle industry, as a number of states have implemented a mandatory ID system. Most of these states are requiring an official form of identification, such as an USDA / official tag. USDA tags are recognizable by the USDA shield and 840-prefixed number printed on the tags. Rest assured though, USDA tags are manufactured using the same technology as the standard / non-USDA tags.

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