Allflex Syringes -

The quality of Allflex products extends to the Allflex syringes as well. Depended on by ranchers and veterinarians to administer medications accurately and easily, cattle syringes are available in a variety of types to choose the ones best suited for your needs. 

All of these Allflex syringes are suitable for use with cattle (calves and mature).
A few considerations when choosing a syringe:
  • Medications that will be administered: Some of the syringe components can be affected by the makeup of the medication. For example, oil-based products slow the injection and auto-fill speeds.
  • Number of animals being treated: Using a syringe or drencher with a backpack is especially good when dosing a large number of animals. Many of the syringes feature a self-filling mechanism so you can treat many animals without stopping to refill.
  • The grip size of the syringe needs to be considered for the individual who will be administering the medications. Syringes with smaller grip sizes are a better fit for smaller hands.


Syringe accessories

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