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A-Tag One Piece Tags


The A-Tag One-Piece Tag by Allflex combines quality materials and construction into a one-piece tag. An easy one-piece application and self-piercing pinhole tip means faster healing and reduced animal stress.


A-Tags are available in two sizes, with each offering a variety of custom options.

  • The larger sizes of tags, the A-Tag for Cows are most appropriate for mature cattle.

  • The A-Tag for Calves works best for calves and smaller livestock.

Visual tags serve several purposes, from a unique identification (such as ear tag number/management code) to including your ranch name, contact information or brand/logo. Let us help you find the right ear tags.


The A-Tag can be used with the Z-TAG applicator or with the Allflex A-TAG Applicator.


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Color choices available for this style are:

  • BLUE
  • PINK
  • RED

A-Tag One Piece Tag for Cows

  • Size 3" wide x 4.5" high

A-Tag One Piece Tag for Calves

  • Size 2.5" wide x 3.875" high