Common Cattle Tags Questions -

What are the differences in the sizes, and which one should I choose?

See a visual comparison of the tag sizes 

What are common/popular tag colors? 

For the best visibility/contrast, we recommend a lighter color such as yellow, green, orange, pink or blue. The yellow tags and white tags are by far the most popular colors, since they provide a good contrast with the black printing.

What are button backs and do I need them?

The button back is used to attach the ear tag to an animal's ear. An Allflex tag applicatoris needed to apply the ear tag and button back to the animal. Choosing "Yes" to the Button Back option on the tag page will add blank button backs of the color and quantity of tag you choose.

What does USDA tag mean? When are they used?

USDA tags can be used to satisfy official ID requirements of states and program that require this method. A premise ID is required to purchase these tags, and can be obtained by contacting your state's animal health department.

What is a management code?

The management code is the entry that is printed largest on the tags. It can be an alphanumeric entry of just numbers, letters, or a combination. Note that the tags have a limit of characters - usually 3 to 5. Any letters included in the management code are printed in ALL CAPITALS.

What is a line of text?

A line of text is an entry that is printed on the tag, usually with a limit of character of 16 to 25 (including punctuation and spaces). Use the line of text to indicate your ranch name, phone number, group name or other helpful details. 

Letters are printed in ALL CAPITALS. Period, comma, dash, slash and the & sign are usable in the line of text. There are several characters NOT allowed in a text field, such as *  # @ % !  " ^ + = ?  

How does a logo setup work?

Adding a logo to your tags is a great way to distinguish your cattle from other herds. Once your logo is setup with Allflex, just make a note with your order that your logo is already on file.

For first time orders with a new logo, please be sure to include the custom logo setup fee and click the "Choose File" button to attach your logo. After your logo is setup (up to 10 business days), we'll email you a proof. Once you approve it, allow 10 business days for your tags to be ready to ship. 

I am looking for a cattle software program to use with my herd.

Using a herd software program can help you benefit even more with your cattle management needs. Check out the CattleMax software, where you can organize your records in one location. 

How do I place my order online?

See the Ordering Cattle Tags Online page for a how-to!

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