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Allflex Timeframes:

These are usual/anticipated timeframes, not guaranteed.

If your order includes a combination of inventory items and custom ear tags, the order will ship after everything is ready to ship.

The order status of "Awaiting Fulfillment" that is shown in your account means that it is in the queue for printing/completion. We do not receive a definite ship date ahead of time, so the "Allflex Timeframes" are used (2 business days for stock and 10 business days for custom). Please note these are business days, not calendar days. You will receive a tracking number the day your order ships. 

In some rare cases, it may take more time than shown here for your order to ship. This can be due to Allflex production delays, weather delays, etc. These delays are beyond The Cattle Tags Store control, and will also be experienced by other Allflex resellers.

Please note that all Allflex custom tag orders placed anywhere in the United States, regardless of where the tags are purchased, will be printed at the Allflex production facility in Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas. Therefore, our time frames as well as timeframes of any Allflex distributor, are determined by the Allflex production facilities.

You will receive a tracking number (via email) the day your order ships.

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