EID Interface Options in the CattleMax Software - CattleTags.com

The CattleMax cattle software offers a variety of options for working with Allflex EID readers and tags.

Downloading the EID numbers directly into CattleMax: This is an ideal method if you want a quick and easy way to get the EID numbers into CattleMax. On the Allflex website, there is an option to "Find EID Numbers". Following this link will enable you to easily generate a spreadsheet of the EID numbers you purchased.

The leading Electronic ID readers include a memory capability. Easily scan cattle EIDs, then download the scanned list onto your computer. This reduces the need for additional equipment at the chute if you will just be recording details such as medical treatments. In CattleMax, after downloading the list, you can easily make cattle groups and apply records to all of the animals, including pasture movements, vaccinations and more.

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