Using the Allflex RS420 and Virtual Keyboard -

All Allflex Electronic ID Readers contain a link to download the Allflex EID Tag Manager software.  Follow this link to download the latest version.


Please follow both sets of setups to properly configure and use the EID Tag Manager Software.

Configuring Virtual Keyboard Options (One-Time process)

  1. In the EID Tag Manager software, go to Tools and click Options
  2. In the Virtual Keyboard section, ensure only EID is green and that the other choices are red

Configuring Virtual Keyboard for Use (Each time process)

  1. In the EID Tag Manager software, go to Tag Management and click Virtual Keyboard
  2. Under the Configuration section, press "Select External Application".  From here, you can select the web browser that you use for CattleMax, Microsoft Excel, or any other open application. (The application must be open before you perform this task)

 3.  Under the Configuration section, select your desired separator.  

4.  Press the Start button

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