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We are pleased to announce TagMax an app that is designed for the Allflex RS420 and LPR EID Readers. This is the first app that takes the iOS capability of the iOS-compatible EID readers and makes it available for producers working with EID in their herd. 

Key Features of TagMax

Session Mode - Create a session and scan tags. Optionally enter a visual ID (ear tag) and/or weight. After scanning cattle, you can email your session file (spreadsheet) to yourself or someone else on the ranch. This functionality does not require an Internet connection.

CattleMax Mode - Scan an animal's EID tag and have it loaded up in your CattleMax Online account. When an EID is scanned, the matching animal record will be displayed in CattleMax. If the EID number is not found, you'll have the option to add the EID to an existing animal record or to create a new animal record.

EID Readers

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Allflex RS420 Allflex LPR

A few common questions

Be sure to install the app on the iOS device (iPhone or iPad) you will be working with.

Q: Is there a charge for this?
A: This app is free. You just need to create an account (for free) to use the app.

Q: Do I need to have a CattleMax account?
A: Not for Sessions mode, but you need one for CattleMax mode. 

Q: Is an Internet connection needed?
A: If you are using the Sessions mode only, an Internet connection is not needed as the connection is made via Bluetooth. An Internet connection on the iPhone/iPad is needed if you want to email the file to yourself or someone else. In addition, an Internet connection is needed to use the CattleMax mode of the app.

Q: Is there an in-depth How-To video on using the app?

A: Sure, we have created a 4.5-minute video demonstration of the app.  - Watch The TagMax Tour Video

Q: What devices does it currently run on?
A: iPhone and iPad. 

EID and cattle management software


The CattleMax software makes it easy to track and manage your cattle. It's complete software for cow-calf ranches of all sizes, with several editions available depending on your needs. Access your cattle records anytime, anywhere, on any device. 


 Notes about using the app

  • Install TagMax for iOS from the Apple App Store or TagMax for Android from the Google Play Store
  • Ensure your EID Reader is updated to the latest software as well as firmware. You can check for updates from the Allflex EID Tag Manager software (Help > Check Updates for software and then Help > Advanced > Check for Updates for firmware).
  • In The TagMax App, create a session, then select the session to scan EID tags.
  • You will be asked to allow TagMax to access your location. Click Allow - this is needed for getting the GPS coordinates to store with the data. 

New to the idea of EID? Interested in a complete herd management solution, such as EID + software? We can help! One of the biggest things we can help you with is to ask you questions and help you through the answers

Need help with the app, or have suggestions? Feel free to contact us.

TagMax is a Cattlesoft Inc product. Though we are an Allflex authorized reseller here at, we developed TagMax on our own and it's solely owned by Cattlesoft Inc.