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Reordering Tags

By logging into your CattleTags account, you can view your previous orders such as the tag layout, the management numbers that were printed and more. Order exactly the same tags, or easily make changes for your current needs.


  • Log in to your Cattle Tags account. 
  • Select/click “Completed”. 


  • Select “View Order Details”. 


  • Select the item(s) you want to reorder by clicking each box to the left of the item(s).
  • Select “Reorder Selected”. A list appears of each item you want to reorder
  • Clicking on one item brings up its order page where you can enter new information, i.e. Management Code, Quantity, etc.  BE SURE TO CLICK on "CHANGE", just below each item. This will bring up the Management Code, Line of Text, Color and Button Back fields, to which you can make adjustments for your current order. Click "Save" to record the new information for each item.


  • When all items for the reorder are completed, Select “Add to Cart”. 
  • ** If you are done with your reorder, click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • ** If you want to add more items to your reorder, select “Continue shopping” and click on the “<” tab in the upper left of browser to go back to select another item to reorder.
  • New to The Cattle Tags Store? You can setup an account when you checkout, or click the "Create An Account" link in the top right corner.