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USDA Matched Pair Tags

Matched pairs are sets of tags that include a visual tag and an electronic ID tag. What makes them "matched" is that the EID number is printed on both of the tags. This helps in the event that one tag is lost from the animal's ear, there is still another form of identification. In addition, matched pairs can help make data entry into some herd management software programs easier since cattle can be referenced by their visual number or their EID number.


Purchasing USDA tags requires a premise ID, which can be obtained through your state's animal health department.


NOTE: The name and shipping address for USDA tags must be the same as the name and address used to register for the Premise ID. If it's not, you will need to provide the name and address used when you registered for the Premise ID in the comments of your order.

USDA tags cannot be shipped to a different state from the state that the premise ID is registered to.


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