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The Cattle Tags Learning Center is the place to find industry-leading information on animal identification. With over 20+ years of cattle information & management, the CattleTags.com team has extensive resources and experience to help you make the right ID choices for your needs.

What you'll get by purchasing Allflex products from CattleTags.com:

Durable, laser engraved, highly visible tags: Allflex tags are rugged and dependable. The laser engraving of the management codes are then overlayed with ink to ensure long term visibility.

Recommendations to help you make the right choice for your needs: Since we are a rancher-based service team, you'll know you are getting advice based upon our own personal experience on the ranch and helping other ranchers identify the best tags for each operation. We use the tags we sell.

Specialized, expert advice: Many stores that offer a vast variety of animal ID products don't have the in-depth knowledge to really answer your questions. Here at CattleTags.com, cattle identification and Allflex products are our speciality!