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Cattle Tags Learning Center

Cattle Tag Expert Resources

With over 20+ years of cattle information & management, the CattleTags.com team has extensive resources and experience to help you make the right ID choices for your needs. The Cattle Tags Learning Center is the place to find industry-leading information on animal identification.

What you'll get by purchasing Allflex products from CattleTags.com:

  • Durable, Laser Engraved, Highly Visible TagsAllflex tags are rugged and dependable. The laser engraving of the management codes are then overlayed with ink to ensure long term visibility.
  • Recommendations to help you make the right choice for your needs: Having a rancher-based team, you'll know you are getting advice based on our own personal experiences on our cattle ranches and experiences of helping other ranchers. We identify & use the tags we sell.
  • Specialized, expert advice: Many stores that offer a vast variety of animal ID products don't have the in-depth knowledge to really help your questions. Here at CattleTags.com, cattle identification and Allflex products are our speciality!