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How do I become sales tax exempt with

Sales tax is collected for residents of Texas, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Florida. 

If you are tax exempt, you can continue with your order and then email a tax exemption form to have the sales tax refunded.

If you create a account and provide an exemption form, all future orders will automatically be tax-exempt.

These state comptroller/revenue offices require we have a form on file from ranches certifying their purchase is for agricultural use and therefore exempt from the state sales tax.

Email an image of the completed form to We will confirm receipt of the form and also that your account has been updated to sales tax exempt.

Please be sure to complete the retailer or seller section at the top of the Tax Exemption Certification with this information:
c/o Cattlesoft Inc.
1511 Texas Ave S # 256
College Station, TX 77840


Complete the Texas Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification form. Per the state comptroller's office - sending a copy of your exemption card does not meet this requirement. 


Complete the Idaho Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Complete the Illinois Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Complete the Michigan Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Complete the Missouri Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Complete the Wyoming Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Florida does not allow for tax exemption on these products.

New Mexico

New Mexico does not allow for tax exemption on these products.