Efficient & Economical Tissue Sampling

Collecting genetic material samples is easy with the nextGen by Allflex tissue sampling products. Pair your TSU unit with an Electronic ID and/or visual tag to conveniently keep everything linked together.

Parentage Verification

Genetic Selection

BVD Diagnostics

Allflex Tissue Sampling

TSU Units

TSU Units

  • Sold in Boxes of 10
  • Customizable management codes
TSU - Tag Sets

TSU - Tag Sets

  • Sold in individual quantities
  • Available in matched pair sets with EID and/or visual
TSU Accessories

TSU Accessories

  • Sample collectors
  • Organizable storage & shipping trays

Allflex Electronic ID + Barcode Readers

Allflex APR650 Handheld Reader

Allflex APR650 Handheld Reader

  • Reads DNA/TSU Barcodes
  • Large, backlit color display
  • LED Indicators, vibration, and operation-specific sounds
  • Internal memory to store data or transmit real-time
  • Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android compatible
  • Includes 1-year warranty

Why use Allflex nextGen?

 Take samples at any age

The samples can be taken in animals as young as one-day-old so you can know the results from the lab quickly.

 Ensure enough genetic material is collected

With the nextGen sampling, you can see there is enough genomic material to submit - no more counting hair follicles or wondering if you captured enough biological material.

 Collecting tissue samples is easy

The nextGen tissue sampling products are easy to use to collect samples yourself, saving you time, money and effort waiting for a professional to help you with the process.


Contact our Animal ID experts who can help you find the perfect layout or tag for your cattle.

Why buy custom TSU with tags instead of boxed TSU?

Easy organization for collecting and submitting samples

Customized matched pair tissue sample sets provide easy organization at the time of use arriving matched for each animal. The Tissue sample and corresponding visual tag and/or EID come paired on a tray together.

Match with a USDA 840 or commercial EID Tag

TSUs can also be matched with USDA 840 series EID tags - great for registered stock and show animals.

Choose your own numbering system

Choose your own numbering system for your Tissue Samples - send us a spreadsheet of your custom numbers, no confusion on who's sample is who's when getting ready to submit for testing.

Receive a spreadsheet of your barcodes

Receive a spreadsheet with your barcode data - with matched pairs it will include the EID and/or Visual tag information. Use this excel file to set up your entry information to your association or testing facility.

Common Questions

How do I apply TSU tags and collect samples?

For more information on applying TSU tags, please refer to the TSU Application Guide.

How long can I store samples?

Though samples have a shelf life of several years, it's best to store them in the freezer until ready to ship them to the lab.

How do I ship my samples to the lab?

Samples can be shipped to the lab without cold packs. Unused units can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months.


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