About The Cattle Tags Store

While the CattleMax cattle software grew due to its easy-to-use design, affordable price, and helpful rancher-customer based customer service, many times farmers and ranchers would ask us about recommendations for animal identification. After all, good cattle management starts with individually identifying cattle, and ear tags provide an easy, cost effective solution.

In 2010, CattleTags.com was started. At first, the store was staffed part-time with the help of our super CattleMax customer service reps! As the store grew, additional team members were added to help continue providing exceptional service to the growing customer base.

Today, CattleTags.com is the largest commercial Allflex distributor of custom ear tags. The goal of the store is to make selecting and ordering tags easy and convenient - orders are shipped right to your door! Custom cattle tags are a great way to personalize your animal identification needs. From having your own management codes (sometimes called as "ear tag numbers") printed on the tag to including your ranch name, phone number, your own ranch logo, or a combination or anything in between, custom printed cattle tags have come a long way!

With over 150 years combined experience in cattle production and ranching, you can trust the experience and expertise of the CattleTags.com team. We are here and ready to helpThe Cattle Tags Store is a division of Cattlesoft, Inc - makers of the CattleMax cattle software.


Why choose CattleTags.com? 

At CattleTags.com, you can rest assured that you are getting animal identification advice from the experts. We've been using the products we sell in our own herds for decades. Based out of College Station, Texas with tens of thousands of happy farmer and ranchers nationwide, we stand by the products we sell. Call or email us any time with questions - we're here to help.