Allflex Production Timeframes

As of October 11, 2021

Stock items are shipping in about 1 week. Custom products are shipping in about 6 weeks. Add about 2 weeks for a new logo setup.

    A few reminders from your team:

    • Material inventory is fluctuating due to heavy demand along with limited global production and supply issues. In addition, global transportation issues with unknown arrival timeframes of supplies to the warehouse are creating challenges. We will let you know as soon as we do if your order contains a backordered item.
    • The only information we receive from Allflex regarding orders is that the order was received and then the tracking number when it ships. We do not know where it is in their production queue nor what the ship date will be.
    • Tracking information is sent to you via email as soon as we receive it. You can also check on your order at
    • These production timeframes apply to all custom tag orders across all Allflex distributors. No Allflex distributor is able to offer a faster turnaround timeframe as all custom tag orders are printed on the same machines at the Allflex facilities.

    Supply issues are likely to continue for a while. We encourage you to plan ahead and stock up as best as you can so that your order is in the queue to be fulfilled.