Allflex Distributor

As more farmers and ranchers asked about animal ID recommendations (systems, which tags are the best, etc) we studied the various manufacturing companies in the animal ID industry. We choose to only sell Allflex animal ID products on because the Allflex tags are rugged, dependable, and are high quality and designed to last.

Cattlesoft award

The management code (also called the "ear tag number") area of the tag is inked and laser engraved to ensure long-term readability. offers over several thousand Allflex SKUs - a tremendous variety of tag options and layouts to give you the best options at the best prices. Focusing on Allflex products (and using them in our own herds) means we know the products and can provide knowledgeable and experienced recommendations to help you make the most of your animal ID efforts and processes.

In 2015, Allflex recognized Terrell and Penny Miller, founders of Cattlesoft (the parent company of, with the Lloyd Tate Award for Innovation - Vision. It's described as "An Allflex or industry person who's foresight and vision helped create a new reality in the animal identification industry".

Today, continues to focus on providing the right tag and supplies for your animal ID needs. Identifying your cattle is the first step to better management!