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Allflex Syringes

Allflex syringes

Accurately deliver the right dosages to your cattle

The quality of Allflex products extends to the Allflex syringes as well. Depended on by ranchers and veterinarians to administer medications accurately and easily, cattle syringes are available in a variety of types to choose the ones best suited for your needs.

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Repeater Syringes
  • Accurately deliver selected dose
  • Easy grip for high volume use
  • Color knobs available for different medications
Repeater Syringes
Draw Off Syringes
  • Automatic self-filling tube feed
  • Easy grip for high volume use
  • Easy to clean
Draw Off Syringes

CattleTags.com also carries a full line of Allflex Syringe Parts & Accessories.

Why Allflex Syringes?

  • Accurately delivers selected dose
  • Easy grips for extended use
  • Designed for tough conditions
  • Spare parts easily available


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A few considerations when choosing a syringe:

  • Medications that will be administered: Some of the syringe components can be affected by the makeup of the medication. For example, oil-based products slow the injection and auto-fill speeds.
  • Number of animals being treated: Using a syringe or drencher with a backpack is especially good when dosing a large number of animals. Many of the syringes feature a self-filling mechanism so you can treat many animals without stopping to refill.
  • The grip size of the syringe needs to be considered for the individual who will be administering the medications. Syringes with smaller grip sizes are a better fit for smaller hands.

We tag our cattle with the products we sell.

The CattleTags.com team uses Allflex animal identification products in our own herd. We have the expertise to give you recommendations to help accomplish your animal identification goals.

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