Allflex Management Code and Line of Text Cattle Tags

What Is a Management Code and Line of Text?

Management Code

A management code is where your selected numbering system is featured on the tag. It can be an alphanumeric entry of just numbers, letters, or a combination. Tags have a limit of 3 to 5 characters in the management code. Letters that are included in the management code are printed in ALL CAPITALS. Spaces are allowed, and hyphens " - " and slashes "/" are also allowed in management codes.

Line of Text

A line of text is an entry that is printed on the tag, usually with a limit of characters of 16 to 20 (including punctuation and spaces). Use the line of text to indicate your ranch name, phone number, group name, sire/dam information or other helpful details. A variety of tag layouts are available with 1 to 4 lines of text on each side of the tag.

Punctuation usable within a line of text includes: period (.) comma (,) hyphen (-) slash (/) apostrophe (‘) colon (:) ampersand (&) parenthesis (). The @ sign cannot be used at the beginning or the end of a line of text. There are several characters NOT allowed in a text field, such as * # % ! " ^ + = ?

Letters are printed in ALL CAPITALS.

For an example of the height of characters, on a Maxi size tag, LINE OF TEXT characters (see below) are 3/8 inch in height.

If you need ideas of numbering systems to use on your tags, check out our help section on Beef Cattle Numbering Systems.

CattleTags example tag with management code, logo, text