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What are the benefits of matched pair tags?

Preparing to add Electronic ID tags to your cattle? Make the process easier with Matched Pair tags.

Matched pair tags are a set of tags consisting of an EID tag and a visual tag. With matched pair tags, the 15-digit EID number is also printed on the visual tag in addition to the management number. For example, the cow would be tagged with a small 15 digit electronic button tag. The cow's separate visual ID of 123 can be printed big and bold on a visual tag with her EID number printed right above her tag number. This helps provide a second form of ID.

Do you already have a list of tag numbers you want to be printed on your custom visual tags? Simply email the spreadsheet file to to include it with any order you place or to have us create a cart for your review and to check out.

If you do not currently use the herd management software CattleMax, you can learn how to manually create an Excel spreadsheet with your custom numbers.

If you are a CattleMax member, use CattleMax to generate a file of your tag numbers.

Allflex offers the ability to download and print an electronic list of EIDs with your order.

You can link visual IDs and EID records together just by going through a few steps in CattleMax where you are able to download these EID spreadsheet lists directly into the software. The records are automatically linked (if the EID spreadsheet list includes visual IDs) or you choose the animal record to link for each EID entry. This way, your time at the chute can be on getting the tags in their ears and not needing to worry about writing down which EID number goes with each cow!

If you already have a CattleMax account, learn how to import those EID tag numbers to pair with your visual tags.

If you are new to CattleMax, here is how to bulk add your animals then import your EID number to pair with your visual tags.