Allflex USDA Tags

Cattle traceability is becoming a more common practice in the cattle industry, as a number of states have implemented a mandatory ID system. Most of these states are requiring an official form of identification, such as a USDA premises ID.

By registering your farm or ranch with the USDA/state animal health department, you'll receive a premises ID and will be able to purchase the USDA tags. Your Premises Registration is an "Official" USDA unique seven-character identifier for your operation. More information about the USDA Premises ID.

By individually identifying your cattle, you can also track them to help with management decisions. See which cows are producing and which ones may need a closer look. Some branded beef and specialty cattle marketing programs require these types of tags as well.

USDA tags are also referred to as "840" tags - the unique USDA ID number, printed on the tag, starts with 840.

  • The name and shipping address for USDA tags must be the same as the name and address used to register for the Premises ID. If it's not, you will need to provide the name and address used when you registered for the Premises ID in the comments of your order.
  • USDA tags cannot be shipped to a different state from the state that the Premises ID is registered to.
  • If you are a veterinarian ordering for a customer, you must either supply your Non-Producer Number (NPN) or have the tags shipped directly to your customer/producer.